Our 2023 interior trend predictions

As we continue to readjust to post pandemic life and get to grips with economic uncertainty, our design decisions in 2023 will reflect our changing relationship with our home. Whilst we still firmly believe in buying well and making things last, it is always fun to see what influences might feed into our design process. 


So here's our rundown of what we think will be big in interior design for 2023:

Luxury sanctuary

As many of us continue to work from home or at least hybrid work, we will start to more clearly delineate our work and relax spaces within our homes. This can be seen in the rise of the 'spa-throom' with the creation of luxury spa like bathrooms at home to promote self care and relaxation. We also predict an increasing use of cocooning luxury materials like boucle, linens and natural woods in bedrooms to create a personal sanctuary away from work. Our solid oak bedside drawers are the perfect natural addition to a layered, textured bedroom.

Statement headboards

Continuing the theme of a luxury sanctuary, we are seeing a strong trend in using statement headboards in bedrooms to create a cosy focal point. In particular, upholstered headboards with scalloped or curved edges.

IMG 4061 1024x10241

To keep focus on the headboard, we would contrast this with a simple minimalist bedside in natural oak like this one to counter the drama of the upholstery. 

IMG 4060 1024x10241

Dark wood

We are seeing a move away from the lighter woods used in recent years towards darker walnut, cherry and dark oaks as we embrace warmer and bolder interiors. 

Urban Size 1.12.220515 1024x10241

This feeds into some of the other trends we are seeing such as using mixed materials, warmer colour palettes and a focus on sustainability. Our new dark oak range can help bring a 2023 vibe to your interiors but with the classic design shapes, these pieces will outlive the trend. 

Future retro 

There has been a slow move towards retro pieces in recent years which is really coming into its own in 2023. Think combining flea market finds or vintage furniture pieces with more modern pieces to mix and match eras. Alternatively, find modern takes on vintage pieces such as our oak sideboard with a nod to mid-century scandi minimalism. 

sideboard sq crop 1024x10241


The stark greys and greiges of the past few years are going to take a back seat this year. Expect to see green EVERYWHERE as an accent colour as well as the main event. Stronger bolder colours are also coming through with a lot of warmer reds, mustards and coral. Even scandanavian design which is synonamous with neutrals is starting to incorporate some of these stronger colours as accent pieces such as vases and bold prints. Alternatively use paint as a way to introduce colour and warmth.

IMG 4058 1024x10241

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